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About Me

About Me

My name is Lindsay, I live in Churchdown with my family and Tiggy, our Cockerpoo, Twinkle, our 18 year old cat and an array of tropical fish. Growing up in Scotland, I had a lot of hands on experience with many animals, including sheep, horses and we have also had our fair share of rabbits, Guinness pigs, horses and injured and rescue animals. 

I am a dedicated animal lover with many years of experience and I am fully insured. We treat all of your “ Furry Friends” as our own with lots of love, care and attention. Each of the services can be tailor made and discussed to offer the best care and attention to your baby.

Dog Walking

Dog Walker in Churchdown, Walton Cardiff and Cheltenham

Dog Boarding

We offer a “bespoke” service for all dogs to suite their individual needs. This can be a group dog walk or one on one individual walk, sometimes more suited to elderly or unwell dogs. We take the time to match the dogs needs and personality to gain the best possible outcome from every walk. 

We will collect you Fur Baby from home and and transport them in our air conditioned van to one of the many beautiful countryside locations in the area. Walks will include lots of fun, ball throwing, socialisation and treats, if allowed. They will then be transported home again, fed watered if required and left, hopefully tired out to sleep.

Dog Boarding in Churchdown, Walton Cardiff and Cheltenham

Going on holiday or just away for a few days. Your pooch can stay with us, in a loving home environment as if it was our own dog. We have a fully enclosed garden, and lots of dog friendly aspects within the home. Our aim is to try to replica your dogs daily routine and feeding and sleeping habits so they feel relaxed and loved to the best of our ability. We have access to many beautiful walks nearby so they will be certain to get plenty of exercise, fun and above love. We like to obtain as much information from you as possible to acertain a happy guest, the more info the better. Trail overnight stays for long periods are always advisable to ensure everyone is happy with the service.

Cat Visits

Cats and Pets Visits in Churchdown, Walton Cardiff and Cheltenham

We cater for most small animals, including, cats, rabbits, Guinness pigs, rodents and even snakes etc, in your own home when you are away. Our main duties include, feeding, cleaning out litter trays and hutches, even fish tanks. Also, of course lots of love and handling where required. Other services also include, collecting post, opening/closing curtains, watering plants, putting out the bin etc.

This service is also available to puppies who are not yet able to join us in our walks. This can be tailor made to include toilet breaks and simple commands that are already in place, oh and treats, of course.



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Dog Walking

Group Dog Walks

from £12 per walk

Pet Visits

from £10 per visit

Home Boarding

from £30 ( 24 hour period )

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